• Optional random key of the week: B♭ major
  • Chords: B♭ Cm Dm E♭ F F7 Gm Adim
  • Start: June 24, 2024
  • Due: June 30, 2024


In this episode you’re facing a little ditty struggling to be anywhere near my best work, but it’s a nice little arpeggio exercise and is inspired by a phrase “gay prom” I found in the New York Times crossword puzzle on June 17, 2024. In the same puzzle one grid spanner read: AHA SPICE TALE. The two things seem to go together. Then, this weekend I saw the final performance of The Rocky Horror Picture show at the Esquire movie theater here in Denver. They’re closing the joint after 97 years to make room for something new and no doubt much less wonderful. The place was packed with performers and the wildness bordered on mayhem and yet everyone walked away laughing and ready for the insult of modern life. Nobody was being proper. I end up obsessed by notions of dangerous ideas, or fringe thinking being criticized by those a bit more prim and proper. Our narrator openly criticizes reading a spicy tale worrying it will cause eternal damnation. Of course people of the wild don’t care what civilized folks have to say.

[3333] aha a spice tale [3333] caught you red handed

[8888] how could you do it [8888] reading those blue notes

[10s] it’s purple prose that [8888] destroys your soul.

[3333] aha a spice tale [3333] let us be candid

[8888] those kind of ideas [8888] turn men to goats

[10s] scurrilous iambs [8888] the devil cajoles [10] and [8] you [5] burn

[1013] [high to low] you’ll be an outcast

[Dm] evil and downcast

[Adim 1212] living alone with

[2222] fuh- [3333] reaks

[3333] aha a spice tale [3333] you should drink poison

[8888] syllabic mayhem [8888] ribald and toxic

[10s] venomous content [8888] straight from the demons

[3333] aha a spice tale. Yer gwin t’Hell.


Listen to it HERE