In this epidsode, a knight in shining armor prepares for the great beyond. He’s not the bundle of joy and power we’re accustomed to seeing, but rather he almost relishes his declining and fatalistic vision. All warriors must face an end and sometimes they outlive their usefulness.

Paladin’s Curfew
Icy darkness fills my mind.
My time is done.
The windmills all are slain and
no princess needs rescue anymore.
Youth misspent while evil lurked, and
I won’t save the day to day.
Midnight waits with sythe in hand, and
stars stop shining one by one.
Come darkness take me.
I’m past my curfew.
Come shadow.
Take me home.
Vanquished foes rejoice the
fading light aglitter no more.
I hear whispering ghosts ascream.
I feel ice on my skin and
there’s death on parade.
Ones gone before … they are calling my name.

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