• Optional random key of the week: D Minor
  • Chords: Dm Edim Faug Gm A A7 Bb C#dim
  • Start: June 17, 2024
  • Due: June 23, 2024

[Dm] Falling in love with a nanobot our

[Bb] hero Scott loved the robot dot a lot he’s a

[Gm] a little astronaut running on one watt in a

[A] knot on a cot he’s a [C#dim] hot to trot spot bot… 


[Dm] Scott brought on an onslaught of the

[F] swat when he forgot and got

[C] caught on a yacht a-

[C#] diddling his tot’s expansion

[G+] slot… this


[Dm] plot is a blot or so everybody thought and

[Bb] soon begot an anti-Scotty-botty boycott and 

[Gm] overwraught with fraught they ran into a hiding spot to

[A] rot with pot and [C#dim] do diddly- [Dm] squat


One [F] day haters came and they

[Bb] shot the bot and the

[F] little juggernaut bled from its

[C] beauty spot the

[Dm] miniwatt bot was

[Bb] so distraught it

[Gm] leaped in a lobster pot with

[A] apricot and its

[C#dim] Gordian knot became an

[Dm] afterthought and

[A7] what of Scott? He got a two-season spot on

[Dm] Netflix.